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The Walking Coach is a unique approach to leadership coaching and mentoring. We work and walk with clients in the beautiful Brecon Beacons and Pembrokeshire National Parks staying in comfortable lodges for our 2-day programmes. Professional coaching whilst walking, breathing clean air in stunning natural surroundings, provides a space to clear your mind, recharge, reflect, gain inspiration, re-focus and affirm your personal values and clarify your goals. We provide on-going coaching and support in the months ahead either by phone or Skype. We can also meet up with clients for further coaching / walking sessions of any duration according to requirements.

We work with individuals who may wish to utilise our services to support their own personal and continual professional development and we also work with groups from corporate organisations to support in-house leadership development and the 360-degree feedback process.

All programmes are bespoke and therefore tailored to meet specific needs.



Leadership Coaching


Single day or 2-day residential programmes followed by on-going coaching and support by phone or Skype.

We utilise a superb woodland lodge in the Brecon Beacons or a comfortable Pod near the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path for our residential programmes.

Coaching, moderate exercise, clean fresh air, peace and quiet in stunning outdoor settings.

The Walking Coach also offers one to one coaching whilst canoeing on the gentle and very beautiful stretches of the River Wye – supported by an experienced canoe instructor!

In addition clients may also choose to experience some reflective time alone. This
could be in a secluded and safe location within a private lodge grounds, or by a campfire in Pembrokeshire.




  • Unlock potential, set measurable goals, improve performance

  •  Increase EQ, develop awareness of self and others

  • Improve self-confidence and motivation

  • Use coaching as a means of developing others, managing performance, building teams and leading organisational change

  • Maintain good mental health and well-being, reduce stress, regain balance, hold present attention and improve concentration



Developing Leadership Excellence Programme


This is a full 2-day residential course. Coaching is followed up with additional day or residential sessions as required and also by phone, Skype and personal on-site visits.

Accommodation is in a comfortable lodge in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

We provide opportunities for people at any stage in their careers to nurture the competencies of effective leadership. Our approach is based on the principles of personal and servant leadership and applicable to everyone at all levels within an organisation. Becoming a leader is a long-term process requiring goal setting, monitoring, measurable outcomes, feedback and follow through. We offer expert coaching and provide advice and support to individuals and organisations in this learning and development continuum.


We help put theory into practice within a ‘safe’ environment and provide leadership coaching for individuals to develop the capabilities and essential human skills required of being a leader and working in a team. Our methodology is practical, impactful and evidence based and focuses on developing proven competencies of highly effective leaders and team players.

Leadership coaching and mentoring provides challenge and opportunity for development and growth and requires active engagement and participation thereby increasing emotional intelligence and developing strengths that change behaviours.

We transform complexity into simplicity and step beyond theory into practical, transferable, measurable and sustainable outcomes that focus on delivering change and getting results. To learn and develop, participants will need to step outside of their comfort zone, reflect, review, gain feedback and make personal commitments to change internally in their attitudes and beliefs as well as externally in their behaviours.

Our methodology is tried and tested with many thousands of people globally. As a direct result of our programmes, feedback informs us of transformational and cultural change through participants changing behaviours, putting into practice effective leadership and teamwork and achieving outstanding results in their work and personal careers.


  • Develop agility through active listening and learning, setting stretch goals, developing a positive attitude and self-honesty

  • Develop the elements of trust through integrity, intent, capability and results

  • Develop elements of character through self-awareness, self-confidence, emotional resilience, adapting to rapidly changing environments, decision-making, inspiring and motivating

  • Develop interpersonal / human skills through effective communication, building and managing relationships, empathy, collaboration, team-working, giving and receiving feedback

  • Develop creativity and innovation through divergent thinking, creative problem solving, focusing and challenge

  • Maintain good mental health and well-being, reduce stress, improve health & safety, increase performance and effectiveness